Moving Day

No, not moving house, but moving from one office to another one across town. As of tomorrow, I’ll no longer be working at the Ponce de Leon Branch, where I’ve been assistant manager for the past eight years (and where I was interim manager for two-and-a-half of those eight years). Instead, I’ll be managing the Peachtree Branch Library, located several miles beyond the neighborhood where I’ve lived for the past thirty-five years, and worked in for the past eight years.

My employers, grappling with a recession-generated county government hiring freeze, are reassigning several of their assistant branch managers to deal with some of the vacancies that the hiring freeze (and some retirements) has created throughout the library system.

The reassignment to Peachtree marks the third time that I’ve abruptly begun a whole new era in my library career: a different work site, a different commute, a different set of job duties, a different cast of characters (both staff and customers). I’ll sorely miss  the colleagues, the collections, and the community at Ponce. Fortunately, the staff at my new branch are a delightful and resourceful bunch. Still, it’s a big change, for them and for me.

As for the photo above, who knew that a librarian could accumulate so much stuff in, around, and under his desk – even given eight years to do that? And, reader, that truck-load wasn’t all of it! Good thing I still own the pickup in addition to my motor scooter!

Cruising the Caribbean

Caribbean Cruise February 2010 034C’est moi about a week ago in Antigua, overlooking Nelson’s Dockyard, harmlessly pondering an imagined alternate life for himself: a life lived on a yacht, moored every night in a different tropical island harbor like this one.

Neither of us having never been on a cruise before, Fred and I decided our next winter rendezvous would take place aboard a Big Boat Traveling Somewhere In The Tropics. Despite our fears about being trapped for an entire week with thousands of drunk Americans on a floating version of Las Vegas, a cruise on the Carnival Line proved to be our best option for a cheap, quick warm-weather getaway.

Reader, we had a good time. Yes, the Carnival Freedom (launched in 2007) is quite possibly the most vulgarly-decorated seagoing vessel afloat, and, yes, its other 3,000+ passengers seemed to start their noisy rounds of drinking, gambling, and food trough-visiting awful early every day, but we managed nevertheless to find a few semi-quiet perches on a ship obviously designed and programmed for The Never Ending Party. And we got to see little bits of several beautiful islands – all of them with gorgeous beaches – that we’d never have been able to afford visiting via separate, aircraft-accessed trips. And we only had to unpack once! And the weather was great – when Fred took the photo above, it was snowing again in Atlanta.

The Carnival Freedom’s ports of call ranked in best-liked to least-liked order: Tortola, St. John’s, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Antigua, Nassau (Bahamas).

A few photos from the trip (clicking on a photo will enlarge it):

Postscript: I’ve posted more photos of the trip to my Facebook photo page.