A Modest Accomplishment

I’ve finally finished a project I’ve been working at sporadically since I started the blog several months ago: posting to the “Chronicle” section the text of the newsletter I mail out to friends and family at the end of each year.

I started sending out these annual newsleters in 1989. As my several attempts at keeping a journal never lasted very long, these newsletters are the handiest thing around (besides the photos I’ve kept) that document where I’ve been, lived, traveled, lived with, etc.

As I get older, my brain’s ability to recollect What Happened When gets more difficult, so I wanted to get these newsletters into one convenient place so I could refer back to them when I was trying to remember what year I took a particular trip, or when a particular job-related event happened, or when I bought the fountain for my patio.

Later on, I hope to post assorted other archival scribblings that must be up in my attic somewhere, or in the back of some filing cabinet.  And I hope to scan and some of those old photos, too.

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