In Praise of Farmers Markets

Over the past several years, more and more Saturday morning farmers markets have been popping up all over Atlanta. Finally, Americans have adopted an institution that’s been enjoyed by legions of Europeans since the Middle Ages!

Because I work some Saturdays, stopping in at one of these markets – there are at least three of them between my house and work – is a very congenial way to start the day. Besides the fresh produce, there are usually potted herbs, cut flowers, a craft booth or two, and home-made bread on offer – and often cheeses, jams, and yogurt as well. (If I weren’t trying to save money eating out, I’d be eating breakfast at the market: there’s usually an omelet-maker on hand, and always lots of baked goodies to choose from.)

Since the local markets cranked back up again in late April, I’ve been twice to the market in the parking lot of St. Phillip’s Cathedral in Buckhead, and yesterday I visited the market in Piedmont Park. The weekly markets continue on into the late fall, so I’m looking forward to stopping by one of these two markets several more times this year, and to maybe sampling the flavor of a few more.

The lady in the booth pictured above let me sample something called FROG (Fig-Raspberry-Orange-Ginger) Jam, and I came home with a jar. Not cheap at $6, but it’ll last me for months, and it’s really tasty! My next purchase from this lady may be her Plum Sauce (also $6). She’d poured part of a bottle over a slab of cream cheese, and invited customers to try it on crackers. Yum!

About the only desirable feature missing from the neighborhood where I live is one of these weekly farmers markets. Maybe one will come to Candler Park some day?

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