Newest Favorite U.S. Historic District

“Newest” meaning new to me, rather than “new historic district.”

Just returned from another visit with my good friend Terry, who’s lived for many years now in Takoma Park, Maryland, just outside Washington, DC.  Not only did I enjoy driving around Takoma Park again – where, astonishingly, many of the houses are just as small as the one I live in here in Atlanta’s Candler Park – but this trip I got to spend several hours wandering around the neighborhood where Terry works: Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

Even in the stunning heat and humidity that plagued the weekend, Alexandria was a delight.

A few trips back, Terry had taken me to Annapolis, and I’d thought after that visit that perhaps Annapolis was the most charming U.S. historic area I’d ever seen.

This trip, Terry drove me through Baltimore’s Fells Point area, which reminded me a bit of Annapolis, and which I’d like to go back to explore in detail sometime. But the next time I visit Terry, I’ll be returning to see more of Alexandria.

Wish we had more well-preserved areas like this down here in the South!


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