Blueberry Picking

For the second summer in a row, a friend and I trekked out to Blueberry Hill Farm this morning to pick ourselves a gallon apiece of plump, gorgeous blueberries.

The friend plans to take her haul to work next week to share with colleagues. I’ll be freezing half of mine for a pie sometime later on, and will probably take the other half to a potluck dinner for tomorrow night.

What I hope will become an annual ritual I recommend to anyone who could get excited about harvesting their own food for a change. For those living in Atlanta, there are several semi-handy “U-pick” destinations;  the farm we enjoy – partly because it’s easy to find, and partly because the farmer provides ice water and gallon buckets for his customers – is Blueberry Hill in Covington, located at  6325 Highway 20 South, which is off I-20 East; 770-787-1677. The farm opens at 9am. Self-picked berries are $10 a gallon.

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