Tuscan Reveries

TuscanyIs there a day that goes by without my having thought for at least a few moments about Italy? About, specifically, the landscapes or townscapes of  Tuscany or Umbria?

Even before the Internet era, my travel fantasies or my reading would often center on Italian places I’d remember or like to see, or see again.

These days, it’s ridiculously easy to stumble upon Internet images of that area, and every encounter with one of those mesmerizing images intensifies my permanently-embedded yearning to return there again.

Am image from a set of photographs taken by Albert Hurley graces the cover for Frances Mayes’ latest rah-rah Tuscany book, Every Day in Tuscany. Mayes’ book, of course, has its own website, which includes a link to the photographer’s. I found both sites this morning via links on the Facebook page of another book, Italian Rustic: How to Bring Tuscan Charm into your Home.

Another way to meander among photographs of Tuscany is to browse the results of a search of that word in Flikr or Picasa, or via Google or Bing, pre-setting your search for Tuscany images instead of  text. But fair warning: you’ll need many hours to gaze upon the results, and the images are likely to lead you directly to plunking down big bucks for an airline ticket….


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