Islamic Calligraphy Exhibit

A slideshow that features a few of the marvels currently on temporary display at the Carlos Museum at Emory:

My favorite bits of this small but impressive exhibit: the hypnotic video at the entrance that shows a living Islamic calligraphy master at work; the tiny and intricate painted borders of some of the framed manuscript pages; the enameled and silver boxes used for storing the pens; discovering that classical Islamic calligraphy was closely associated with Islam’s Sufi tradition.

The Carlos is one of the most exquisitely-designed small museums in the United States. It’s always a pleasure to have an excuse, like the calligraphy exhibit, to make another visit, as I did yesterday with my friend Franklin. Both of us also enjoyed our short walk in the rain from the car to the museum, Atlanta having been deprived of any rainfall for weeks and weeks until yesterday afternoon.

The calligraphy exhibit will remain at the Carlos until December 5th.

Postscript: My friend Franklin just sent me this link to a gallery of work by a living calligraphy master Mohamed Zakariya. More gorgeosity!


zinniasThe scorching days of August have done a lot of damage to my garden this summer, but my little pot of zinnias seems to be doing just fine!

I planted zinnias this year partly to celebrate the publication of my pal Franklin Abbott’s new book, Pink Zinnia: Poems and Stories and also to be sure there would be something in the garden whose blooms I could cut and bring into the house. My zinnias have not disappointed me.

No wonder this cheerful, hardy, long-lasting common annual has been a staple in southern gardens for generations! I’ll be growing zinnias every year from now on.