Atlanta Book Exchange Closing Soon!

Boo! Hiss! One of the oldest and best used bookstores in town in closing! Business just isn’t brisk enough, and the owner apparently is getting worn out with all the heavy lifting required to keep this 40-year-old operation going any longer. (Before its current incarnation across from the parking lot of Manuel’s Tavern, ABE was located near the Plaza Theatre, and, before that, at the intersection of Virginia and Highland.)

The store’s demise – and the pattern of independently-owned bookstores closing that ABE’s demise is part and parcel of –  is the bad news.

The good news is that everything’s on sale for 75% off the original listed price of each book. And there are lots of them, on every conceivable subject, genre, size, and condition. The warren of little rooms in this former house are piled to the rafters with books, although, thankfully, there are several places to sit down while you’re browsing.

We overheard the owner explaining that he’s selling the stock to a dealer in south Georgia, and that – after a break – he may or may not continue selling books online.

The bookstore remains open only through July 5th, so get on over there quick!  Phone 404-681-3122 for business hours.


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