So Lovely to the Ears

Most days it’s my eyes that I’m most thankful are working well, the world being so full of beautiful people, places, things. This morning, it’s my ears I am grateful for, because they can still hear music like this.

The slideshow accompanying the music is unremarkable; in fact, the music might sound more exquisite if you close your eyes instead of looking at photos. But the sounds!

Thank goodness I finally got over my longtime aversion to opera. Years ago, still perplexed about what all the opera-admiring hoopla was about, I asked an opera-loving colleague if he’d compile for me a cassette tape of his favorite arias from his favorite opera, promising that I’d listen to it with an open mind. The cassette he made for me proved to be the doorway to opera appreciation that I’d been looking for.

That was before there was an Internet; now it’s easier for people to stumble upon the pleasures of great opera recordings.

Treat yourself to a few moments of bliss: Puccini’s “O mio babbino caro.”

Found at Heart Spirit Mind


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