Immortality: Pros and Cons

hourglassAnyone who’s knows me well also knows that I have long advocated that people should talk more about death and dying – not the mechanics of death and dying, mind you, but the indisputable fact that each of us is mortal – and what (if anything) that means for each of us, both in a practical sense and from a spiritual perspective.

My interest in this subject remains undiminished despite the also indisputable fact that few people seem to agree with me about the desirability for more deliberately-embarked-upon mortality-centered conversations.

In any case, this morning I stumbled upon an interview posted to The Believer website that presents some unusual reflections on this question. I’m not familiar with Clemson University-based philosopher Todd May, but have now added his book Our Practices, Our Selves, or, What It Means to Be Human (2001) to my list of Books Cal Wants to Read. (A wonderful irony, that: one of the reasons I’ve sometimes imagined that I wanted to live forever is so I could read all the books on my ever-burgeoning reading list!)

Anyway, you might enjoy reading The Believer’s engaging interview with Todd May. (Which, incidentally, I found by clicking on a link of articles recently being highlighted by the ever-excellent Arts & Letters Daily.)


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