New Blog on the Block

Skyline infographic

Well, this is not exactly a new blog – it appeared in the blogosphere in June 2011- but it’s new to Cal. Found it this morning via a Facebook post from Hillery, one of my co-conspirators in a group of Atlanta folks urging local GLBTQ citizens to consider donating to an archive somewhere (eventually if not immediately) their letters and emails, journals, photos, etc.

Anyway, thanks to Hillery, I now know about Atlanta-based Geoff’s blog It’s Finally Time You Knew Something, where Geoff posted the graphic that I’ve copied to the top of this post.

I hope Geoff isn’t kidding about his plan to post more Atlanta-focused infographics like this one.

Be sure to read the text Geoff wrote about this infographic. It contains probably the most accurate, succinct description of Atlanta’s charms that I’ve read in years. (Of course, Atlanta has plenty of problems, too, but that’s another story – perhaps even another infographic created by Geoff? – for another time.)

So, hats off to Geoff for this graphic and for the others he’s posted so far – especially this other one. Enjoy!

P.S. Because she posted a link to her blog in a comment she made to one of Geoff’s posts, I now also know about Barbara Tushbant’s blog. Tushbant’s writing is so good that I’ve added a link to it in my blogroll (under “Enthralling Personal Blogs”). So you might want to take a look at Barbara’s blog as well as Geoff’s.

P.P.S. If you’re a Facebook subscriber, you can find out more about the archives awareness group Hillery and I are part of by searching Facebook for the Georgia LGBTQ Archives Project.

P.P.P.S. If you’re aware of other follow-worthy blogs that focus on Atlanta, or are written by especially articulate Atlanta-based bloggers, I’d appreciate your sending me links to them in a Comment to this post.


One thought on “New Blog on the Block

  1. Wonderful local blogs? Who knew. Thanks for these links.
    I also love the category ‘Enthralling Personal Blogs’. In all of my wanderings on the intertubes I’ve never encountered that category anywhere else. Mores the pity.

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