Botanical Gardens Lightshow

ABG Light Show #1

My friend Randall and I spent this past Saturday evening snarfing down some yummy mango tofu at Top Spice on Piedmont Road and then walking up the hill to Piedmont Park to enjoy the 2013 edition of the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s holiday lightshow.

The night was cold, but not miserably so if properly attired (which I became as soon as Randall loaned me his stocking cap), and the show is impressive, if rather expensive  – on weekends for nonmembers,  a whopping $23.55, and that’s if you park somewhere besides the Garden’s garage!

Still, if you’ve got a Garden membership ($69 a year), you should definitely set aside time to see what the Gardeners have done with all those lights! There are many especially enchanting displays, and everyone – including the hordes of stroller-wielding parents – seemed to be in a festive mood. But go early – when we left, the gates were jammed with long lines.

A few photos of the lit-up gardens I found on the Internet:

ABG Light Show #10

ABG Light Show #8

ABG Light Show #6

ABG Light Show #12

A few photos Randall took the night we went:

Randall's ABG photo #1

Randall's ABG photo #3

Randall's ABG photo #4

If you can’t go, you might enjoy this Garden-produced video:

Information about the show is at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens website. The lightshow runs through Saturday, January 4th.


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