Hunkering Down for a Long January

Bookcase Set 004

That’s me earlier this week, trying to keep warm and ignore not only the frigid weather outside (the temperature in Atlanta plunged to 5 degrees early this past week), but also trying to ignore the fact that I hadn’t yet gotten around to removing to the attic for another year the holiday festoonery adorning the house for the past few weeks. (That finally got accomplished yesterday.)

My loved ones have made certain I am attired comforably for the duration. The long-sleeve blue garment I’m wearing is the lining of a jacket my friend Harvey gave me probably ten years ago; I wear it so often that it’s almost like a second skin! The burgundy snuggly is one of my favorite gifts from a Christmas past, presented to me by my oldest sister Gayle. The purple  scarf around my neck was another Christmas present from long ago from one of my two younger sisters, Jan. (Hidden underneath the snuggly is another present of Jan’s I’m wearing, given to me on some other Christmas Day: a pair of insulated cloth booties.)

The fire in the fireplace was created by my current house-mate, Brad, whose foraging in the neighborhood for fallen limbs had supplied us with fireplace kindling for the past few week or so.

Having retired this past March, January 2014 is the first January I can remember whose inhospitable weather hasn’t been blunted by the fact of my spending most of my days at work. Things are definitely different when you spend most of your days – as well as most of your evenings – in your (sometimes drafty) house instead of in a centrally-heated office!

But I’m not complaining. For one thing, what’s not perfect about whiling away a leisurely hour – doubtless after yet another fabulously impromptu nap! – reading a good book in front of a crackling fire in one’s own fireplace? The only thing missing in this particular photo is the almost-obligatory cup of tea.


3 thoughts on “Hunkering Down for a Long January

  1. Lovely! Snuggly! I don’t think you should feel the need to hurry any of your Christmas decorations down until the end of January. What’s missing from this picture? Hot tea!

  2. Nice picture Cal. The room looks great and cozy. Lucky man you are. How is the research on the canal trip coming along. Is it still on for the fall?

    1. Trip still on, research still pending! Must get to soon, so we can snag the perfect villa and reserve the perfect boat! (Talked the other night to some guys who did this same canal with six others a few years ago, and they had a wonderful time: we’ll be using the same boat company as they did.)

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