Snowing in Atlanta!

Cardinal In Snow

Just about the only thing I enjoy about winter in Atlanta (yes, yes, I realize that compared to more northerly cities Atlanta’s got it easy)…is the part where, occasionally, it snows!

Because I’ve retired from my job, I can enjoy this winter’s snowfall(s) more thoroughly than I could in previous winters. Plus, having recently set up just outside my bedroom window a bunch of birdfeeders in the bird-friendly “wild” part of my tiny garden, I get to enjoy (because I’m at home during the day instead of trapped in an office) the added spectacle of numerous birds zooming around in the snow – including the frequently-appearing cardinals!

Snowflakes, crimson-colored birds, gazing at both with a cup of Typhoo in my paws: life is good!

P.S. I snatched the photo from the great maw of the Internet – my bedroom windows are far too besmirched to take a decent photo through them, and stepping outside would scare away the cardinals – and everything else – fluttering around my feeders! But the Actual Scene is just as magical as the one in the photo, honest!


6 thoughts on “Snowing in Atlanta!

  1. I was in Athens visiting my sister and it was not nearly as pretty as you say! Then I went through Atlanta on Thursday and it was still treacherous! Martha

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