A Second Snowfall in Atlanta

2014 Snowfall #2 004

By the time I post these photos, The Great Meltdown will be well underway, but we’ve had a wonderful couple of days here this week. This time around, more snow than ice, compared to last week’s episode.

Fortunately (though unlike 200,000 other households in Georgia) my house didn’t lose power – and, so far, no limbs from the 100-year-old trees surrounding my yard have crashed onto my roof.

Mostly, it’s been wonderfully quiet outside: zero cars, and the only sounds those of neighbors walking past the house on their way to the corner market or to the sleddable slopes of Candler Park.

The freezing temperatures have been a great excuse for Brad’s keeping the fire going in the fireplace and cooking up some great meals, including a vat of chili we began working our way through last night.

Meanwhile, the birds at the bird feeders have been very entertaining.

A few garden-in-winter photos that I plan to revisit sometime in July, when I won’t be able to believe a snowfall, any snowfall, is possible in Atlanta:

2014 Snowfall #2 011

2014 Snowfall #2 008

2014 Snowfall #2 012

2014 Snowfall #2 009

2014 Snowfall #2 005

2014 Snowfall #2 001


2 thoughts on “A Second Snowfall in Atlanta

  1. wow! the scene of your front yard is quite different from what it was on Monday when we passed by! Glad you are/have been warm, lighted and safe. Flanders

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