Adorning the Garden Shed

It’s been exactly a year since my brother Mike replaced my about-to-collapse carport shed with a wonderful new garden house.

For the twenty years since buying the house, I had used its already-dilapidated carport mostly as a storage area, although I’d annexed to the back of it a tiny outdoor potting area. Here’s what the carport looked like when Mike arrived in April 2014:

The New Shed 004

A month later, here’s what the new shed looked like until recently:

photo c

And here’s what the drive-way facing end of the shed looks like now, after a twelve-month search for a suitable sun-burst to hang above the shed’s main entrance:


So, yay, that part of the shed adornment is now done! Thanks again, Mike, for the quantum-leap upgrade to my amateur gardening life. And thanks also to my sister Gayle, for talking me into forking over some big bucks for the sunburst instead of shopping around for another year or two!


2 thoughts on “Adorning the Garden Shed

  1. Saw the Sunburst in person when I stopped by to snarf up the lilies of the valley you had set aside. It looks great and really works at the apex (?) of the Garden House.

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