Butterfly, Butterfly

Butterfly August 2015

This is why I’ve always had butterfly bushes in my tiny back yard.

The three bushes back there now – all, predictably, different shades of purple – are allegedly dwarf varieties that replaced the non-dwarf varieties I’d previously planted. I write allegedly because these plants also grew to be six feet high, just like the previously-planted standard varieties had.

In any case, I will soon need to move them all to allow more sunlight for two Italian Cypresses I planted earlier this year, as reminders of my obession – even in my reading – with All Things Tuscany.

But I’m glad I let these three bushes flower for one last season before moving them. Or they, and I, might not havespotted this recent yellow-and-black-winged visitor.

4 thoughts on “Butterfly, Butterfly

    • I know what you mean. (I’ve always wondered about that Nabokov guy and his butterfly-collecting hobby, for example.)

      Thanks for reading my blogpost. Hope you and the Other Howard are well.

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