Summer Solstice / Full Moon, 2016!

Summer Solstice Sun clip art

So, the day of the year with the most daylight has arrived – the opposite of what happens in December every year – which also gets me inordinately excited.

Today’s Solstice is particularly interesting for me, as it also features a full moon – the first time a full moon has coincided with the Summer Solstice since the year I was born (1948).

And it looks like I might even get to see the dang thing – the full moon – this time. A few years ago, suddently realizing how relatively few full moons remain for me to gaze at, I resolved to look at each one as it rolls around, but have been frequently thwarted in this resolve by the presence of clouds on full-moon nights!

The older I’ve gotten, the less significant my birthdays have become, and the more interested I’ve become in noticing the changing of the seasons marked by the equinoxes and solstices. (For that matter, a bit less interested in cultural phenomena and a bit more interested in natural ones – including the events happening in my tiny garden.)

My interest in full moons, however, goes back more than a few years.  The former kid enthralled by his forays into amateur astronomy still lives alive inside me. Thanks, Dad, on this day after Father’s Day, for that telescope you put under the Christmas tree for me whatever year you did that.

Anyway, I am hoping for a cloudless sky in Atlanta tonight, and that my Fellow Earthlings will enjoy this year’s Longest Day.


3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice / Full Moon, 2016!

  1. thanks for the lovely meditation on the change in seasons. birthdays come and go more rapidly but the natural world slows down and invites us to look more closely at all the everyday miracles.

  2. My sister and I went outside last night to look at the moon, and not even in response to your blog. She had been thinking about the Solstice and wanted to take a look. We could not get a sighting of the moon, though. It was about 10 pm. I’m not sure what the problem was, though the sky was fairly light. We did see a very bright thing that we took to be a planet however. Last week, Thursday night-ish, I happened to be coming back to the house in the evening and there was a big three quarters moon, with a halo of gauzy gold. Actually looked more like clouds as the gold was irregular, not like a halo. I think we will try moon-gazing again tonight. KrisP.S. I have gone outside in Atlanta to see a harvest moon (gold, as I remember), a blood moon (dark orange, I think) and have also seen various halos (regular-sized circle around the moon, not wispy; some are bluish).

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