Chihuly. At night. In a garden.


Earlier this year I finally forked over the hefty membership fee for becoming a member of the Atlanta Botanical Garden. When the ABG decided to allow its members free entry into its “Chihuly Nights” exhibit (rather than charging us members extra, like the Garden charges extra for parking), I decided to check out the exhibit, which I’d previously seen during the daylight hours. I particularly wanted to see how the Chihuly sculptures at night compared to the Garden’s “Holiday Lights” show, which I enjoyed three years ago.

The sculptures of Dale Chihuly are worth a visit any time, but they’re especially impressive lit up at night. The photo above is from the Garden’s website; I took the following photos with my iPhone camera:












Lots better than these photos is the video of these sculptures at Chihuly’s website.

If you live in or near Atlanta and plan to see these amazing glass sculptures yourself, better hurry: “Chihuly Nights” closes at the end of October.

One thought on “Chihuly. At night. In a garden.

  1. Sounds wonderful. It is on my list, and needs to be done soon, obviously. I am debating going in the daytime hours (thinking the crowd would be much smaller on a week day) versus after 6 pm for the lit-up sculptures.

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