Cal Gough’s Blog is written by a 71-year-old retired librarian and life-long bibliophile who has spent most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

I started this blog 10 years ago because I was starting to forget so many details of experiences that were important to me. I wanted a way to semi-easily record at least some of those experiences so I could, later on, semi-easily remind myself of those experiences in greater detail as I got older and presumably my memory became even more unreliable.

The blog is also a way to stay in touch with friends who, because they live somewhere other than Atlanta, I don’t communicate with very often other than the annual newsletter I’ve been mailing out to them at the end of every year since 1986.

The other main reason for the blog is to keep better track of the books I read. Otherwise, I’ve found that I often cannot remember much about quite a few of the books I had read (or, in some cases, even the fact that I’d read them at all!). For about five years now, I’ve been writing mini-reviews of the books I read.  “The Constant Reader” is the most extensive single section of the blog.

Running a close second (in terms of sheer number of material I’ve posted to the blog) are the accounts of my vacations since 2009. A nice feature of blogging about one’s vacations is that the software makes it possible for me to also post photos that would otherwise get stored away in photo albums (or computer files) and forgotten or troublesome to locate.

Another often-posted-about subject is the series of posts about what retirement has felt like as this experience has unfolded for me. This was something I knew I’d forget the subtleties of if I didn’t periodically write about it as the years came and went.

Everything else I’ve decided to blog about at my personal blog has been easy to tag with only about a dozen categories, “domestic bliss” and gardening-related posts being the most frequent of those other subjects.

Another important-to-me feature of the blog, and a tool I use all the time, is the extensive blogroll I’ve assembled – especially the set of hyperlinks to the personal blogs written by individuals whose writing I admire or who I consider kindred spirits (sometimes despite their political views). Keeping handy this set of favorite internet links reminds me to keep up with what those people are thinking about. I’m currently trying to form a daily habit of scrolling through at least part of my blogroll, or, at least scrolling daily through a few of the links on the blogroll at The Atlanta Booklover’s Blog. Keeping up with what’s posted on these other carefully-selected Internet sites is, I hope, a partial antidote to my ten-year addiction to the often political stuff I see (and probably “Share” way too much of) on Facebook.

My enthusiasm for all things bookish except the mini-reviews of the books I’ve read I post to another blog of mine, The Atlanta Booklover’s Blog.

Please consider “following”  both my blogs. You do this by clicking on the FOLLOW button at the top of the sidebar on each of the blogs’ main pages and typing in your email address. You’ll be alerted each time I add something new to the main part of the blog(s).

Each entry in both blogs is followed by a COMMENT button, and I hope you will type in any comments (or questions) you have about any blogpost that interests you.

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