Cal Gough’s Blog is written by a 70-year-old retired librarian and life-long bibliophile who has spent most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). (Although I also love to travel…which is how I came to have this photo taken in Ireland in May 2012.)

Along with posting occasional commentary and photographs about my activities and interests, I also use the blog to document what books I’ve read. In the blog’s sidebar (following the section called “The Constant Reader”) I list hyperlinks to other blogs and websites I especially admire and/or use often.

My other blog, written for the edification and amusement of avid readers everywhere, is The Atlanta Booklover’s Blog.

Please consider “following”  both my blogs. You do this by clicking on the FOLLOW button at the top of the sidebar on each of the blogs’ main pages and typing in your email address. You’ll be alerted each time I add something new to the main part of the blog(s).

Each entry in both blogs is followed by a COMMENT button, and I hope you will type in any comments (or questions) you have about any blogpost that interests you.

I confine most of my political rants to Facebook, so if my reactions to the alleged News of the Day interest you, “Friend” me at Facebook and you’ll get plenty of that sort of thing.

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