Coming Attractions?

[The September 30th entry from Canadian photo artist Bill Pusztai’s blog:]
Prediction.Within a few years, there will be something very much like a hybrid of reality shows and a facebook wall, where you can watch celebrities going about their daily lives. Britney, for instance. And you’ll be able to click on Britney’s shoes and see and ad for the shop that sells them and make an impulse purchase right then and there. There will be links to the food she’s eating, the drinks she’s toying with, her makeup, clothes, tableware, the art on the walls, the paint used to paint them, hell even the building she lives in. Hovering nearby will be links to her favourite entertainment, a dating site in case you feel lonely, and various medical services in case you’re feeling queasy or a little bit blue.

The next step will be that all facebook (or whatever replaces it) users will be treated the same way. You’ll be able to watch your friends move through their day and all around them will be popup ads for anything branded in their environment.

[My thanks to John Rivest for posting a link…on Facebook…to the Wolfman Studio Gallery website, where I eventually found Bill’s journal.]