Books in Cal’s Home Library

By the end of 2014, I’ll have finished posting to the LibraryThing website a list of every book in my home library. The list is sortable by title, author, and topic and/or genre.

If you’re a LibraryThing member, you can search for my list at the LibraryThing site under my account name: CalGough (no space between my first and last name).

If you’re not a LibraryThing member and you’d like to look at the list of books I own, email me at, and I’ll email you my LibraryThing account User ID and password.

(There is a hyperlink to the list in the sidebar of the main page of my blog, but it will probably work only when I click on it from my home computer. My guess is that if anyone else clicks on this hyperlink, he/she will then be required to input my LibraryThing User Name and password before the list will display. (Please let me know if you find the link works without your knowing my LibraryThing user name and password.)


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